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Why Buy Unfinished?

American Unfinished Furniture stores carry a higher quality of furniture than finished item stores - we have to!
Factory finishes can conceal defects or blemishes in the wood. At American Unfinished Furniture we understand the difference and are picky about what we sell. Quality wood furniture purchased today can be used for a lifetime.

Pick any color to match your decor.
Finished furniture items from manufacturers can change colors over time. This can make it difficult to match colors when adding new furniture items to your house. At American Unfinished Furniture, choosing a matching piece is easy. We carry easy to apply wood stains and clear finishes sold in over 40 different wood tones and colors. We're ready when you're ready to add a new item to your home. It will look just like the previous pieces you've purchased.

At American Unfinished Furniture you have the largest selection to choose from. Buying from finished furniture manufacturers limits you to the styles they offer. When you buy unfinished furniture, you can mix and match different pieces from different manufacturers. Then stain them the same color and they will all match!

For helpful tips on staining your new or restored furniture
visit our new finishing tips area!